Who We Are

We are a social enterprise striving to spread the word about Naltrexone
amazing qualities in curing Alcohol Addiction. We have been following the
journey of Naltrexone for more than twenty years and recorded all the
amazing research results done by medical expert’s word wide

Naltrexone is the best kept secret in the medical world and the big pharma
companies have no interest in this drug since its patent expired some years
ago. Our aim is to make Naltrexone affordable and available with no fuss, and
with speedy discreet delivery. We are now able to supply customers worldwide
with a maximum delivery time of seven days to countries like Australia or
anywhere in the United States. We can get our product door to door within
three days anywhere in Europe.

We offer different ways of giving information about Naltrexone through email,
Skype, What’s App . We will always arrange to answer any questions or

concerns you may have about Naltrexone. We are passionate about the
product and with 138,000 blogs wrote about Naltrexone over the last ten years
there is nothing negative wrote about this drug. We intend to start a monthly
news letter and regular blogs to keep everyone up to date.

The Naltrexone we supply is manufactured by a leading pharmaceutical
company based in Europe, it is fully GMP licenced with manufacturing liability
insurance for £35,000000.00. All our tablets are delivered in sealed tin foil
packs with the manufacturer’s instructions enclosed. We are very much aware
of Chinese generic Naltrexone tablets being sold on American websites and
when tested have proved to be missing the main ingredients for making
Naltrexone. We are very proud of the product we sell, and our customers tell
us how good our product works for them and that feedback is testament to
our product.

We are constantly negotiating better pricing with our suppliers and its our
mission to keep prices down and make Naltrexone affordable for everyone.
Naltrexone is very expensive in some countries which makes it to costly for
people to purchase. We believe our current price point is affordable for
everyone and we intend to hedge that price for the next few years.

Naltrexone has been around 56 years with an 89% success rate in curing
Alcohol Addiction that must stand for something FDA licensed and approved.
We have yet to be corrected on research results we publish regularly from the
data of the other 37 available cures for alcohol addiction and their
organizations. The highest and nearest success rate to Naltrexone is expensive
residential rehab showing a 4% success rate. Naltrexone have saved thousands
of life’s saved marriages, and have given people back their life and there are
many of thousands of people testament to that. We are proud of being the
supplier of this wonderful product.